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Doing the deep organizing and strategic short- and long-term advocacy needed to effectively build courts that work for working people.


Head start by anti-progress, pro-corporate forces who have successfully rigged state and federal courts to serve their interests.

State Court Systems

That impact the lives of millions of people every year—and that merit sustained focused and organizing energy from the progressive movement.

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We’re fighting for

We get there by building democracy at every level—in the organization, in the economy, and in the legal system. We get there by practicing solidarity across class, race, and all forms of oppression. And we get there through fearless and effective action.

Laws that protect, law students and lawyers who empower, and courts that work for, working people and not just the wealthy.

We build this world through a nationwide movement of law students and attorneys organizing for a legal system that serves as a force for justice for working people. Through organizing, policy innovation, political education, community building, and advocacy, we aim to take back a legal system dominated by corporate influence and transform it into a true justice system.

Start a new chapter and join our movement to unrig the law.

Join us to build state courts that work for the people

The other side has big money and powerful interests on their side. But we have the power of the people. Join us in our work to organize the legal community to fight for justice, not corporate profits.